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Being an avid! SNEAKER! (sorry for the American slang! but it sounds better than trainer) collector myself, you can imagine how I felt that we were finally working with a shoe brand. A great one at that!

White Label Footwear reached out to us to create some new and updated imagery for its social platforms and website. We started with a design brief and mood board of similar brands and imagery type that the client liked.

With their first release (The Luna) being their own take on a Classic Airforce 1 and high-end shoe hybrid we knew that we had to create such branding to really show off just how great this creation is! Being in the dreaded lockdown 2.0 we were limited to this first session being studio based only! So we had to get creative and not just produce the classic Studio catalogue image. All thought those were required for the website there are only so many times you can post a white background image on social media without it becoming overused and boring!

With the client having their own creative spin on things combined with our creativity we came up with several concepts to expand on in the future. The whole point of this studio session was to create a mood board dedicated to this brand using its own products.

This was a really fun first session and we can not wait to get back out and about shooting on location as-well-as another fun day in the studio! The next step is beer-o'clock 🍺 (their idea, not mine!) with the client to come up with our next plan of attack for the upcoming 3 months worth of content. Creative Bean as a coming is really looking forward to the future of this young brand and the direction it's heading. Of course, we will be there the whole time to document and execute any crazy creative ideas that they might come up with.

It's just what we do...

Full case study coming soon. Be sure to go and follow @whitelabelfootwear on their socials to follow their journey.

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