Let me take you back 4 years ago. It was a boiling hot day and id just been invited to play a game of charity golf at my local course. Golf! I had always envisioned and assumed old retired millionaires played golf. Turning up in their volvos and range rovers for a jolly hole of 18 on a warm summers evening, dressed to the nines in tweed and cashmere attire.

"I had always envisioned and assumed old retired millionaires played golf"

Oh how wrong was i! The very first time i hit (well attempted to hit, there was defiantly more clumps of grass flying through the air than there was golf balls) the ball i was hooked! The adrenaline and thought of competition was something i had never felt before. I ended up finishing 4th overall on the day. This had nothing to do with my new acclaimed golf skills but to my partner in crime who had been playing since he was 4 years old. What a result!

So where am i going with all of this mumble? Well after all my years working as a creative i had never, but always wanted to work for a golf brand or partner. Last week that magical email finally came through and we had been contacted by new up and coming golf brand "SWYNG". They had contacted us to shoot a selection of photos for their social media and website, and i couldn't be happier!

One of the final images presented to the client promoting their new "Masters" Green Golf cap

The client had reached out to completely refresh their website imagery. This would consist of the go-to Studio style images for the physical product pages, giving the customer a detailed look at the quality of their new golf apparel and lifestyle photography.

The lifestyle photography would have to wait for now as unfortunately we are still in the dreaded lockdown and all golf courses remain closed. To the studio we go! We had to think on our feet on other photography we could create in the studio and not have to rely on the golf courses, that will come later.

With the client super happy with the out come and a date in the diary booked to shoot some more apparel for them, with their new range launching soon it was mission complete. Take a look below at a selection of images we have produced. We are super excited to grow with this brand in the golfing world and look forward to our next "creative meeting" being on an 18 hole course somewhere in the sun. Until then zoom will just have to do!

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