Updated: Mar 26

We decided that the original side profile shot in black and white has had its day. Dont get me wrong there is a time and a place for the classic "head banker" headshot, so we wont be reinventing the wheel! But for meet the team pages & social media posts we thought we would add the Creative Bean touch and modernise the "Headshot".

So how do you go about explaining this new concept to a client?

With a live demonstration of course!

This is exactly what i did, it started back in

The Better Home Companys head office in Putney.

After me dancing a prancing around the place trying to demonstrate miserably i had to think on my feet and come up with a new plan of attack. So next I simply asked Emilie to give me 3 random poses in front of the camera, changing her pose every time she heard my camera shutter go off. It was safe to say she nailed this concept a-lot better and quicker than i ever did or could!

(Image above) So this how the FIRST ever "Moving Headshot" was born. The client was over the moon with the results, they also then went on to explain that my explanation was nothing like they had pictured at all!

With concept in hand i wanted to try this out in a totally different environment and industry. Luckily for me the next week we had the brief of shooting a look book up in Sheffield for an up and coming clothing brand, Perfect!

Without having to embarrass myself once again, i was able to show the client exactly what i meant when i said a "Moving headshot".

They were really keen to see how the concept could turn out for their brand. With this concept i wanted to not only show off the subject, but his style, surroundings and the whole aesthetic of the shoot. With the vision of using this asset to present the promotion of the new and upcoming look book and apparel range across their social platforms,

(Image to the right) "Nailed it!" was the exact reply i got to my WhatsApp from the client after sending it across whilst trying not to snooze after a long day in Sheffield.

Now i had a solid couple of "Moving Headshots" to show off it was now time to nail this consistently and approach more of our clients. This asset sold itself and our next taker was Nouvelles. We were currently building their new site so this would tie in perfectly hand in hand with a new "meet the team page"

Take a look below at some of the fun we had with the amazing girls at Nouvelles shooting the new content! Or if you want to see more check out this case study we did on the whole client brief. We had a blast and cannot wait for our next "Moving headshot" session with a new client.

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